From Plans to Reality

The MZO GROUP has been creating award-winning architecture since 1990. We deliver creative design solutions for custom single-family homes, additions and renovations, multi-family developments, along with commercial and institutional clients. Drawing on our rich blend of experience in various markets, we create high quality design solutions that can be implemented in a practical way. Clear communication between our in-house staff and other members of the design team such as site engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects provides our clients with the best-designed solution for their particular design program.

Our Process



Governmental regulations are an important aspect of the process, but developing a design program that understands the goals and sensibilities of our clients in concert with the realities of today’s housing market and the practicalities of the construction industry is the first step toward quality design.



Always a balancing process, we bring a broad experience in both traditional and contemporary design language to the task of creating design solutions of practical elegance.



Simple sketches bring an understanding of the broader design issues, and more detailed renderings are developed through the process of defining and refining parts of the design concepts, and ultimately the built structure.  3D visualization is often used to bring a better understanding of the design concept.



Ultimately, the reason for all of our efforts is to bring into being a built product that represents the pride of our client as well as being a successful endeavor.  We strive to create documents of clarity and completeness that will make the construction process smooth and efficient.

Let’s make your dream project a reality.

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