The MZO GROUP has been creating award-winning architecture since 1990. Our tradition of excellence is formed out of a desire to create exciting and practical design solutions that bring our clients dreams to life. Our solid reputation is backed by a demonstrated history of commercial, retail and educational institution projects that focus on the design and construction requirements of the project with the high standard the Miquelle name has come to represent.

Our distinct portfolio includes luxury residential architecture, multi-family mixed-use developments, and commercial architecture — ranging from ocean-front cottages to mill buildings to planned residential communities. Drawing on our rich blend of experience in subsidized, affordable and luxury markets, we create high quality design solutions that can be practically implemented.

Range of Services

The MZO GROUP offers a full range of architectural services. Our diverse staff is able to achieve a balance of creative talents and skills, while providing individual attention to the specific needs of each client. It is this blending of skills that maintains our standard of design excellence. Our services include:


Master Planning and Programming
Code Research
Municipal Approvals
Space Planning


ADA Accessibility Research and Design
Creative Architectural Design
Project Visualization


Construction Documents and Detailing
Interior and Exterior Material Selections
Construction Administration

Award-Winning Design

Our Team

John J. Cronin Jr., AIA

Vice President

James A. Zegowitz

Senior Project Manager

George J. Porter III

Project Manager

Warren Putnam

Project Manager

Angela Addonizio; M.Ed.

Business Manager

Shelby Suarez

Administrative Assistant

What separates us from most firms is our team’s:


We have a history and experience effectively communicating with site engineers, contractors, interior designers, and landscape architects to provide our clients with the best-designed solution for their particular needs.


We have diverse experience with a variety of projects. This gives us a superior understanding of the marketplace, enabling each of our designers to become an invaluable member of any development team and help to maximize site utilization.


We have extensive artistic and technical vision. These graphics abilities allow us to approach our designs sensibly and sensitively assist any client in the early phases of their project development.


We are licensed to apply our expertise to multi-family developments, custom single-family homes and renovations as well as commercial and institutional developments in the following states: Massachusetts (MA); Maine (ME); Vermont (VT); Connecticut (CT); Rhode Island (RI); New Hampshire (NH); New Jersey (NJ); Pennsylvania (PA); Ohio (OH); and Texas (TX).


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